When I work, I listen to music to focus. But not just any music. The songs need to be easy to my ears (so not too many vocals to distract me) and have an uplifting spirit so I get in the mood to do stuff.

These are 6 of my favorite focus albums at this moment.

1 - Jon Hopkins - Singularity

Electronic, instrumental and has a nice intensity to get into a flow. Hopkins uses piano and strings to keep an organic sound. Open in Spotify

2 - Nils Frahm - All Melody

I guess Nils Frahm is kind of the go-to guy for focus music, since he's on almost all 'concentration' playlists on Spotify. But this album is my most played focus music in the past months. That opening track is so nice, it gets me into a working mood immediately. Open in Spotify

3 - Max Cooper - Balance 030 (mixed version)

Nice mix that goes from slow and zen to high tempo and aggressive. Open in Spotify

4 - Four Tet - Morning / Evening

Short album but two beautiful tracks that lift my work spirit right away. Open in Spotify

5 - Plaid - Not For Threes

This is an oldie. Plaid makes 'Intelligent Dance Music' so you can expect quite some beeps and noise in this one. But that keeps things nice and abstract. Open in Spotify

6 - Jacco Gardner - Somnium

Dutch artist Jacco Gardner just released a full instrumental album which is great to listen to while being productive. Open in Spotify

Do you listen to any specific albums or playlists while working? Let me know via Twitter!