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The tools I use

productivity Jan 2, 2022

This is a list of tools I use to run this website, work on my app and focus.



A privacy friendly alternative to Google Analytics, SimpleAnalytics doesn't use cookies and has no personal tracking, I love it's simplicity.

Sign up via this link and get one month for free!

Simple analytics screenshot


I used DigitalOcean to host a large scale restaurant website, and now I'm using it to host this site, my statistics server and a database that records all my sensor data.

Sign up via my personal link and get $100 in credits to spend.

DigitalOcean supports one-click server setup for a lot of different tools, including Ghost (see below).


Ghost is a nice and simple CMS for blogs and sites like this. Also supports paid subscriptions and newsletters.


Things 3

The best task manager I've used, and I've tried a lot! I love the way Things handles dates and allows you to postpone tasks till someday.


I use Notion for my more structured notes, like feature roadmaps, plans, weekly reviews. I love the ability to link notes and easily create pages.


To keep my book notes in sync with Notion I use Readwise, it takes the highlights from my kindle and bundles them neatly. I also like the review feature where Readwise gives 5 highlights randomly. It makes me revisit sections of books I read and remember the takeaways.

Sign up for Readwise and get one extra free month!

Readwise notes inside Notion


While Notion is nice for structured note taking, I still use Evernote as a document archive. It contains most of the receipts, letters, contracts. Evernote's search is fast and fluid and makes it a breeze to retrieve documents when I need them.


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