1. winfriedbaijens:

    HAPPY | PHARELL WILLIAMS | WOODKID SAD REMIX | Omdat sad vaak mooier is dan happy. En omdat Woodkid. 

    Pharell - happy (woodkid sad remix)


  2. "- What do you call a black man who flies a plane?
    - I don’t know.
    - Pilot, you racist bastard. What else would you call him?"
    — True Detective - Episode 7

  3. "- Life’s barely long enough to get good at one thing.
    - If that long.
    - Yeah, so be careful what you get good at."
    — True Detective - Episode 7

  5. littlebigdetails:

    Google - When searching for a medical condition, Google reminds you that a doctor is the best place for information.

    /via Thomas


  6. Update met frisse tracks na mijn vakantie, compleet nieuwe lijst!

    (Bron: Spotify)


  7. Neneh Cherry - Blank Project (produced by Four Tet)

    Coming from the new album “Blank Project” coming end of february on Smalltown Supersound


  8. "One day I was talking with one of our best engineers, an employee I’ll call John. Before the layoffs, he’d managed three engineers, but now he was a one-man department working very long hours. I told John I hoped to hire some help for him soon. His response surprised me. “There’s no rush—I’m happier now,” he said. It turned out that the engineers we’d laid off weren’t spectacular—they were merely adequate. John realized that he’d spent too much time riding herd on them and fixing their mistakes. “I’ve learned that I’d rather work by myself than with subpar performers,” he said. His words echo in my mind whenever I describe the most basic element of Netflix’s talent philosophy: The best thing you can do for employees—a perk better than foosball or free sushi—is hire only “A” players to work alongside them. Excellent colleagues trump everything else."
  9. svdp:

    Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes

    Atoms for Peace unveil a hypnotic new stop motion video in support of the album’s opening cut.  Beautifully done.

    Atoms For Peace - Before Your Very Eyes


  10. Fijn nieuw album van De Staat, nu te luisteren op Spotify

    (Bron: Spotify)